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Ed Speak

Oh New York!!!  If you have never been, then this is one to put on your bucket list. 

This issue we’ve trekked the well-trodden path to all the major sites and we’ve also gone off track and experienced some of the lesser known gems to give you our readers more information and therefore, even more choice. 

The city that never sleeps will surprise and delight you.  When it came time for us to leave, New York felt like an old friend and it was so hard to say goodbye to her.  Like us, we promise that once visited, never forgotten and most probably revisited again and again.

As always if there is a particular place that you want us to cover, or you have a 'Hot Tip' that you wish to share, please Contact Us and we will do our very best to include it in an upcoming issue. 

In the meantime check out our previous issues here:


Take care friends, until next time...

happy travels


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